Coexistence, Tolerance and Truth

A few years ago, I began seeing bumper stickers surface the read, “COEXIST”.  The font of each letter was a symbol for various religions.


I suppose one of the original objectives when this was created was to say that there are many religions in the United States, and we should all coexist, amidst the differences.


If this was in fact one of the original perspectives, I venture to say what happened very, very shortly afterwards was a slightly different viewpoint thinking that there are many different religions in the U.S. today, and we should all agree that they are all equal… that they are all fundamentally the same… that they are all right

But then something happened… something else surfaced more recently.  Because to say we should coexist, and believe that all of our religions are the same, or, all right, doesn’t quite stand on its own two feet. Continue reading