What’s Done is Done; A New Year Ahead

“What’s done is done.  There is no need to speak to Edmund about his past.”[0]

In C.S. Lewis’ Narnia film, one character, ‘Edmund, has recently betrayed his family and followed after the evil witch. Even though he has been disobedient, King Aslan sends his forces to rescue Edmund from the clutches of the evil witch. Immediately after Edmund has been rescued, we see Aslan talking with Edmund on the hill just before they return to the group.  As their private conversation ends, Aslan and Edmund walk back down to camp where Aslan says to Edmunds siblings, ‘What’s done is done.  There is no need to speak to Edmund about his past.’[1]

When I saw this movie recently, that line seemed to stick out for me.  I was reminded of how easily we, as humans, can fall in to Satan’s trap of self-denial, self-condemnation, self-destruction, thinking about the sins we’ve committed in our lives, the shameful things we’ve done in our past, the times we slip up and sin again and again.  We even get caught in the disgruntlement of life, the stress of life (ranging from work, family, children, money and friends to car crashes, stubbed toes, broken glasses and on and on).   We can be really hard on ourselves… and others.  It can demobilize us to move forward in life, because we’re so scared of what we have done in the past and that we’ll be found out, or we can’t heal and move on, or become chronic healers, or because we’re so focused on the stresses right in front of us and we lose sight of the bigger picture. Continue reading