You Are Not Alone

Sometimes life gets us good.  Sometimes we get dealt a card that we wouldn’t ever have chosen to get dealt in a million years.  Sometimes God brings us through situations and experiences in life, and we look back now, with it behind us, and wonder how on earth we got through it.  Sometimes we look back, and wonder why we ever had to go through it to begin with.

Those bad experiences are, in effect, allowed by God.  Maybe not caused by God in general, but at minimum, allowed.  Sometimes, and perhaps more often than that, we never get to know why.  But let me offer up one perspective that we can have after we’ve come through those hard times…

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It is well with my soul

Horatio Spafford, a prominent Chicago lawyer in the later 1800’s, decided one year to take his family to England for vacation.  As it were, due to business as a lawyer, he was delayed when they were set to sail from the U.S. to England, so Horatio decided to send his wife, Anna, and their four daughters, ages 11, 9, 5 and 2, ahead.

On their journey over the Atlantic, their steamship was struck by an iron sailing vessel, causing massive damage to the ship and it sank.  Two hundred twenty-six people lost their lives that fateful day, including all four of Horatio and Anna’s children.  Anna survived, and upon reaching England, sent a telegram to Horatio, beginning with the words, “Saved alone.”[1]

Horatio then set sail to England.  As he was crossing the Atlantic near the area where the ship sank and his children died, Horatio penned these words[2]: Continue reading