Hoc Singo Victor Eris

‘Hoc Singo Victor Eris’ | In This Sign You Shall Conquor

Constantine the Great was known for being the first Christian Roman emperor in the early 300’s A.D., and issued the Edict of Milan in 313, which proclaimed religious tolerance of Christians throughout the empire. This began to unfold when Constantine experienced a vision at the beginning of his military campaign wherein the symbol of the cross appeared on the face of the sun, accompanied by the Greek words, “Hoc Singo Victor Eris” (in this sign ye shall conquer).

The victory of Constantine at the Milvian Bridge is of the greatest importance not only in the history of the Roman Empire but also for all of that Empire’s heirs, and for future Christians. His prophecy of the previous evening proved accurate and ushered in the acceptance of Christianity as the state religion of Rome.

I believe this statement is true for us as Christians today.  In this sign (the Cross of Christ) we shall conquer.  We shall conquer sin.  We shall conquer death.  But we shall only do this through one Person who made it possible, by the grace of God… Jesus, the Christ.

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