Who Are You

Billy Nicholson, an American Evangelist in the early 1900’s, tells a story of a man he once led to Christ on a street corner.  After leading the man to the Lord one day, he asked the man if he would come to the prayer meeting that night.

“Well, I’ve never been to a prayer meeting, I wouldn’t know what to do!” the man says.  Mr. Nicholson tells him it’s alright and hands him a Bible.

“Read the book of Acts when you go home and you’ll know what a prayer meeting is all about,” he says.  So the fellow went home and did as such.

That night, the two of them are at the prayer meeting.  Everyone is praying aloud, praying long prayers of petition and so forth, until later in the meeting, Billy pokes the man and asks him, “When are you going to pray son?”

“Well I don’t know what to pray,” the man said.

“Just say whatever comes in to your mind,” Billy says.

So the man began praying, “Dear God, dearest God… I want everybody in Hell to know who I am…” Billy gasps and grabs the man by the arm and leads him out of the room.

“What sort of a joker are you?  Everybody has been spending several minutes wanting to be known in Heaven, and here you are, wanting to be known in Hell.”

“I told you I didn’t know how to pray,” the man says.

Full Armor of God

“But what kind of a prayer is that?!” Mr. Nichols says.

“Well, Mr. Nichols, I read the book of Acts like you told me to, and in that book is a story about the sons of Sceva who are casting out demons.  One of the children of Sceva says to a demon, ‘In the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out!’  Then the demon spoke back to the sons saying, ‘Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?!’(1) Mr. Nichols, I want the devil to know who I am!”(2)

Who are you?  Does the devil know who you are?

Now, I wouldn’t recommend going out and picking a fight with Satan himself.  He walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can devour.  You don’t have to seek him out… he’s seeking you out… or is he?

Are you living your life for Christ to such an extent that the devil feels he needs to take you down, or, are you living a life, safe and secure in your own eyes, that he doesn’t even need to bother with you?

Let me restate that… do you live a life for Christ, or do you live a life for yourselves, comfortable enough with the thought that your own soul is bound for Heaven, and you needn’t do anything more?  Do you seek God daily?  Do you live… truly live for Christ daily?  If not, why would Satan need to bother with you?  You’re no threat to him.

But for the one’s who wish to truly live for Christ, don’t go to battle alone.  Don’t get so focused on the mission that you forget who you’re on the mission for. Continue reading