What Isn’t?

What Isn’t

Stop focusing so much on the bad, talking about what isn’t, what one didn’t do, what you don’t have, and on and on; but rather the good of what IS, the acknowledgement of the good one DID do, the gratefulness of what you DO have, and on and on.

We’re becoming a culture that has legitimized selfishness, self-centerdness and egoistic entitlement. We fool ourselves, talking about ourselves all day long on social media and complaining about the negative all day long. It’s like a slow drip to the desensitization of the absurdity of it all. The youth, especially, have a shorter bowl to fill with these drips, and it’s becoming more and more apparent each and every day – watch them – listen to them.

For us all, keep an eye on how you interact day to day with people outside of Social-Media-Land; have you been infected? Keep an eye on how criticism comes to mind so easily from day to day when away from that beloved News-Media-Empire you sit and watch or read every morning and night.

Do we find ourselves sitting in a room of friends, thinking about ourselves, wanting to talk about ourselves more than we care what they have to say? What about while we’re at home?
Do we feel the right to have our opinions made, loud? Do we demand those opinions be accepted?
I’m sure you can think of other examples… and rest assured, at this very moment, you quite possible just thought about negative examples of someone else.  If so, go back to the beginning, and read again.

So many things in life now infect us, negatively, and we’ve ended up riding that wave, which started out as that slow no-big-deal drip, and now so many of us wake up each day with that one question, that one mind-set… “What isn’t?”