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I dug this up from one of my old postings on another blog; thought I’d share it here.

Wow. I wake up and all of a sudden it’s a couple weeks later! I suppose I could sit here and ramble on and on about what all I did, but, I won’t. Instead, I figure I’d rather share a few things about my past couple weeks. No doubt the past few weeks have been educational, tiring, straining, busy, humbling, funny, and there were the few fun times as well. This is a compilation of conversations I’ve had with others, and my own experiences. Maybe everything isn’t new news per se, but, if it wasn’t, it was reiterated in my mind or heart…

What I’ve learned

In having a few conversations with someone, I always figured he was just a party animal, with no real goals, hopes or dreams. Didn’t know why he was that way, nor did I really make an effort to try to find out… Until recently… I’ve learned that on the outside, at a glance, someone may seem one way, when in fact, their life is totally and completely different than you could imagine. I’ve learned what a hard life in middle America may really be like. A drop out son drug scene, a wife addicted to Meth, a house in foreclosure, a man trying to be a father and a husband, and support his family that at a glance, seems completely and totally lost and hopeless. I’ve learned there is a heart, and hope for someone who on the outside, may be completely vulgar, but on the inside, just a guy wanting to get by, and have a normal life.

I’ve learned about a old friend that recently popped back in to my life is addicted to all sorts of things that I won’t get in to. I never knew it. I learned that he sees me as a ‘good guy’ and didn’t want me to think bad of him in any way, so he was sure to hide it from me. I’ve learned that I should do a better job of being a friend and support, and make time to get in to a friends life, and see if I can help him help himself. Simply point him in the Right direction. The Way…. the Truth… and the Life.

I’ve learned how fear can truly, truly demobilize a person. I’ve learned how debilitating it can be in one’s life, and how it can wreck your mind over time if left ‘as is’. I’m reminded of when you’re a child and you’re standing somewhere high up and are planning on jumping off. (For me, this was my friends grandmothers roof… ) You walk up to the edge, and you stop to think for a moment… ‘Is this going to hurt? Should I jump? What happens once I do jump? How will I land? What if I get hurt? and so on… The longer you stand there and think about it, the harder and harder it gets. I’ve learned ‘time’, isn’t in fact always the best answer…. I’ve learned sometimes you just need to jump… you’ve thought about it long enough… do it… I’ve learned how fear can really choke a person.

I’ve learned that time isn’t always on your side. You plan on doing so much in a week, or two, or three, and all of a sudden it’s here, and you haven’t done the half of it. I’ve learned that one can plan all they want, but if there’s not a balance, and a ‘good head on their shoulders’, or discernment, to go along with all of that, then it just messes things up. Always try to “go-see-do-accomplish” and you’ll wear yourself out… you’ll drive yourself in to the ground. I’ve seen it before… I see it all the time.

I’ve learned that God is always doing something in your life, so long as you are trying to live for Him, even when you think He’s not. Silence is a scary thing. Maybe the silence wasn’t broken from Him in a way that you wanted, but rather, an entirely different topic in life… but, at least the silence was broken. I’ve learned that if I can keep seeking, and never give up, that He will not leave me, abandon me, or forsake me. He truly is Good to me. Even when I don’t see it.

I’ve also learned that when you’re a really WHITE guy like me, and you expose your skin to the sun for 8 hours solid, that you’re GOING to get sun-burned.

I’ve learned how sometimes people are almost ‘afraid’ of you when they find out you are a Christian. More specifically, in conversation, a person who is an Atheist asked if I was a “religious person”. After that, the conservation got sort of sketchy. They got jittery, and were almost waiting for me to pounce on them. Never got defensive, but, simply changed the mode of the conversation. Almost apologetic-like. I’ve learned that you should probably define the terms when someone asks if you are a religious person. What do they mean by ‘religeous person’? See if it lines up or not. Expose who you are, what you are about, why you are the way you are, and see if their flawed perspective changes just by knowing YOU, rather than only knowing their opinion, or perception, on religion or Christianity. I would venture to say, that most who are Atheist, or simply non-Christian, only have ‘experience based’ opinions or only what they’ve heard from others’ mouths. Generally speaking, it is rarely from searching it out for themselves what Christianity is, and what it truly means to them.

I’ve learned that when you are teaching people things, you’d better know what you are talking about. You had better be willing to learn from those you are teaching as well. Humbleness. Stand corrected when you are wrong…even if the person calls you out in front of everyone. Humility. It’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not that person necessarily attacking YOU. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Take it as a lesson, and go on. I stood corrected this week. I learned a piece of humility and humbleness this week. It didn’t feel good, and I didn’t really like it, but, I’m thankful I’ve got a taste of it, and that I can learn from it.

I’ve learned a lot these past few weeks. I’ve discovered some new things and revisited some old. I’ve understood people better, and seen some things from a different light. Might I suggest to you this week, and even until the end of your days… Stop for a moment now and again and think over your weeks. What have you learned? Forget about all the things you’ve done or haven’t done, and all the things you’ve accomplished or haven’t accomplished, and all the money you made or didn’t make… just for a moment.
What have you learned?

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